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We constantly make our efforts in bringing freshness to our product in case of Decorative Pillows. Some of the option for the Decorative pillows are mentioned below for your review.
Technique Option
Tufted Textures
Woven textures
Yarn Dyed Woven Textures
Velvet Solid Dyed or Printed
Embroidery Textures
Quilted Textures
Fabric Options
100% Cotton
Blend of 100% Cotton and GRS Certified Sustainable Regen cotton
Polyester Velvet
Blend of Cotton/Regen Cotton & Polyester yarns
Our core strength has been doing a larger amount of re-engineering to bring the product to price point without compromising the texture or look of the product.
Please reach us through what’s app or email and we would be glad to work with you on your requirement in terms of decorative pillows.

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